The beauty of tiles with textures

A texture also refers to the feel of the surface. But we have the word ‘finish’ for it. So, then what does texture mean?

There are two types of texture, Visual texture, and tactile texture. Visual texture refers to the feel of the surface that we see. For example, when you see a tree, it is the texture of the barks and its color variations that lets you know that this is a tree.

Tactile texture means the feel of the surface that we perceive by touching. Now we use the word finish for it. To make this difference easier to understand, your salesman will use the word ‘finish’ and ‘texture’ simultaneously.

So to make it easy to understand, the texture is the sensation and the feel of the surface when it is touched. We are constantly surrounded by textures. It is what makes our life an exciting experience and helps us relate to objects around us. The feel of silk on the skin, the touch of tree bark against the fingers, and the warmth of cotton sheets we warm into when we sleep, all these and many other things add to the quality of life.

In today’s modern interior trends, tiles have become a necessity. To make the experience more worthwhile, various textures are added. The texture of the tile is as important as the size, color, and shape of the tile.

Here are some popular tile textures that will make living in the home an exciting experience.

Wave Texture:- 

Wave texture is the new favorite when it comes to designing bathrooms. The soft raised curves of lines mimic the flow of water as if creating the visual aura of an ocean. They are versatile as they are available in an array of colors and sizes. Use the calming effect of this tile in the bathroom or a kitchen or play with this texture in your bedroom too.

Line Texture:- 

Line texture of tiles is the most popular design ever. The modern and clean look of these tiles helps in achieving a visual width or height in any room. They are available in various finishes which extends their uses on floors as well as on the walls.

Natural Stone Texture:- 

We are always looking for ways to have more natural-looking things in our surroundings. This is the reason that when it comes to tile textures, stone or natural textures are a popular choice. No two pieces in this tile are of the same color and shape. This adds to the visual variation in space and brings an authentic natural feel. The good news is that these textures are now available in a variety of finishes so you may look at limestone, onyx, or marble but the finish of these tiles will be entirely different. These tiles work best on floors and certain sections on a wall.

Wood Texture:- 

This is probably the most famous texture used in modern interior. Similar to the natural textures, the effect of wood is highly recommended if you want a touch of authentic nature in your space. It can make a space look rustic as well as modern at the same time. The texture of the wood is deeply embedded in the surface of the tile making it look realistic and convincing. Today they are available in colors that are often not seen in natural wood, making them a remarkable choice for any room with any color palette.​

Polished Texture:- 

We all love the sleek look of a polished marble but not all want to bear the weight and costs of it. Luckily similar polished texture is now available in ceramic and porcelain tiles. The look of granite and marble achieved in these tiles is remarkably realistic. They exhibit a full range of color variations like the lights and darks of flowing lines, along with the never definitive direction of lines that follow their flow. They are a sure-shot way of making your interior look high-end, luxurious and classy.

Metallic Texture:- 

How industrial and avant-garde look will you achieve if you had a long stretch of metallic surface in your house? It sounds fascinating but we have to consider the feasibility and cost of these projects. Not all of us can make such a fantasy work.

Luckily we have a wide range of beautiful tiles available that can put the real metal sheet to shame. The textures and patterns are so realistic-looking that a viewer can hardly differentiate between the metal and tile. They are available in ceramic as well as in porcelain tiles. Their bold and reflective quality makes them a visual center if used on a feature wall or backsplash.  Use them under a dramatic light to achieve the most out of your favorite tile.

3D Texture:- 

3D tiles or also known as dimensional tiles are a state-of-the-art wonder in tile making. These tiles are usually simple, in one or two colors, accentuating the game of lines and shapes. These tiles use 3D patterns of lines, curves, and various shapes that look remarkably realistic. They are a great way to make the interior look more contemporary and modern.

Choose among any of these wide range of textures to achieve desired feel for your interior spaces.