A major confusion that occurs when we go out to buy a tile is the lack knowledge about various finishes. We often confuse between the wide range finishes available nowadays.  This can lead to choosing a wrong product for your floor and walls.

We are here to provide basic knowledge about finishes so the next time you go out to shop for your favorite tile, you bring home the best product according to your requirements.


This word specifically refers to the surface of the tile. When you touch the tile, what sort of feel does it create? This is what finish is all about.

Finish of a tile plays a major role in the functioning of the tile. It can serve multiple purposes in a space. For instance, a rough finish will work best in car porches and garages. It will provide a grip for the tires. However, if you use a high gloss tile in high traffic area, it will not be suitable and cause accidents in severe cases.

Following are some most used tile finishes:


Glossy finish has a shiny surface which makes it ideal for walls and floors. Their reflective surface makes the color more attractive and it can brighten up the space. Since the surface is smooth, they are ideal for kitchens and bathroom walls; making them easy to clean. They create a modern and minimalistic look in interiors.


Hi-gloss finish is much like gloss finish. The only difference is that these tiles are highly reflective, just like mirror. They create a sense of immaculate cleanliness and open space in interiors. These tiles are preferred choice of designers who wish to create a modern look for their space.


Matte finish is an opposite to gloss finish. They are nonreflective and often have a granular surface. They help in creating a rustic or traditional look. They are suitable for bathrooms and outdoors as they are non-slippery.


Textured finish means that the tile does not have a smooth surface. The surface can mimic the look of a rough stone or raw brick. Such tiles offer a good grip, thus ideal for floors. People also use them in small quantity on their walls to enhance a feature wall or to create a certain aura of their space. They are however not easy to clean as they have an uneven surface. There is vast variety available in textures.


Lappato is an interesting variation of textured tiles where the surface has semi-gloss appearance. Tiles are treated with slight texture, and then gloss or matte finish is applied. This makes these tiles eye-catching and striking. Half polished look is not only attractive but highly practical. The partially gloss surface does not highlight stains and marks, unlike the hi-gloss ones. This makes these tiles easier to maintain and create a popular urban/ industrial interior.


Ever looked at sugar granules sprinkles over a dessert? This is what sugar finish looks like on a tile. Small or large, shaped, or abstract; there are countless options available in grains added on the tiles.  The unique texture options of this finish, makes the tile a remarkable interior element.

There is a remarkable range available in various tile finishes, but they always fall under any one of the mentioned six. So, the next time you go out shopping for your favorite tile, remember these finishes. Happy shopping!