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Our Goal is to Create Incredible Custom Interior Design

Discover the versatility of mosaic tiles, available at Home 360, as they become popular choices for interior design projects. Elevate your spaces with mosaic-adorned kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, fireplace surrounds, and tabletops. The flexibility of mosaic patterns and color schemes allows for customization that aligns with various design aesthetics, from classic to contemporary.
At Home 360, we proudly present the timeless allure of mosaic art – a centuries-old craft that continues to enchant and inspire. Delve into the world of mosaic material with us, where intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and enduring beauty converge. Comprising small pieces of glass, stone, ceramic, and more, mosaic material has evolved from a decorative technique to a versatile medium widely embraced in architectural and artistic realms. In our store, explore the rich history, distinctive characteristics, and contemporary applications of mosaic material.
Mosaic art, showcased in our collection, boasts an inherent timelessness that transcends passing trends. The meticulous craftsmanship and enduring beauty ensure that mosaic material remains a cherished art form destined to captivate generations. Its enchanting appeal, drawing inspiration from ancient traditions, continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression. Architects, designers, and artists alike find the compelling choice of mosaic material at Home 360, thanks to its versatility, durability, and transformative impact on spaces.