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Our Goal is to Create Incredible Custom Interior Design

 Since being founded, Home 360 name has stood for product durability and design that lasts. We are committed to ongoing enhancements in energy and resource efficiency, aligning with its objective to progressively contribute more towards addressing climate change. As a pioneer in the design industry, we aim to provide products that are not only cutting-edge but also enduring.
Grounded in well-defined design principles, we meticulously focus on achieving impeccable proportions, harmony, and balance. The outcome is a timeless aesthetic, ensuring the enduring appeal and longevity of our products throughout their lifespan.
Our iconic imported objects for luxury bathrooms and kitchens are created in collaboration with some of the best designers of our time, whose innovative concepts challenge our accustomed ways of seeing and transform our daily experiences. These individuals embrace individuality and view design as a reflection of personality.
For over two decades, Home 360 has dedicated itself to distinctive Sanitaryware. Boasting an extensive product range of over 2,000 items, spanning styles from classic to modern to avant-garde, Home 360 empowers architects, interior designers, and discerning consumers to articulate their personalities with the utmost quality standards. Our service at Home 360 caters to the unique requirements of customers seeking genuinely one-of-a-kind products.